• Tubing For 2022-’23 Season Has Come To A Close

    Tubing For 2022-’23 Season Has Come To A Close

    Thank You To All Who Joined Us For The Fun!

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  • Glow Tubing Is A Blast!

    Glow Tubing Is A Blast!

    Reservations For Tubing Are Required In Advance And Available Online Only In-Season

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  • We Make The Snow, For Fun To Be Had!!

    We Make The Snow, For Fun To Be Had!!

    Snow Tubing is fun for all ages, with no experience necessary!

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  • Glow Tubing Under The LED Lights

    Glow Tubing Under The LED Lights

    Uniquely fun for all ages, in the best of ways!

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  • Relax. Minimal Effort Here!

    Relax. Minimal Effort Here!

    Enjoy your conveyor Carpet Lift ride! No dreaded uphill walk like sled-riding.

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  • This Is An All Together Thing!

    This Is An All Together Thing!

    Literally, Join Your Family And Friends For Snow Tubing Fun!!

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Snow Tubing is incredible outdoor winter fun for all ages. You’ll find snow in Vertical Descent Tubing Park at Snow Trails, December through March, thanks to our massive snowmaking system. Enjoy this family fun activity with "No Experience Necessary!" And, its close to home.

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- Escape The weekly routine -
Lasting Memories won’t take you long to make here.

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We’ll Provide the Snow. You Supply the Laughs.
It might not seem possible, with no snow in your backyard at times, but we take advantage of cold overnight temperatures to pile on the snow with our massive snowmaking system, to keep the laughs going all winter long!

Quality Snow Standard


No Experience Necessary to have fun Snow Tubing at Snow Trails

No Experience Necessary
A super fun activity without the need for skill or balance. Simply relax into your snow tube, then hang-on to your tube handles or link-up to someone next to you and let gravity do its thing!

Snow Tubing is fun for all ages at Snow Trails.

FUn For All Ages
Snow Tubing is a great activity for all ages! From Grandparents to Grandkids and all in-between! Link your snow tubes together and laugh your way down the groomed lanes of snow at Vertical Descent Tubing Park!


Location. Location. Location.
Not far. Just Away… From It All.
You'll find Snow Trails is only a short drive from Cleveland or Columbus, located just 1.5 miles off I-71 near Mansfield. Serenely nestled in the Possum Run Valley - one of the coldest in Ohio.

Hours of Operation
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Like Sled-Riding?
Despise the Uphill Walk?
You're Going to Love This!!

All the fun without all the work of trekking back uphill. Step onto the moving conveyor carpet lift and ride your way back to the top. Excitement builds as you watch other tubers laughing, screaming, and sliding-by. Your turn is coming!!

Snow Tubes Made Just For You
You'll find just the right size snow tube for you and the little ones in your group. We provide all the tubes you need. Select from stable hard plastic bottom tubes in kiddie or adult sizes, plus soft bottom double tubes for reduced speeds and great for taking your youngster with you. You will each receive your own tube and have the option to link tubes together for even more fun.

Thursday - Sunday:  2hr Tubing Tickets

All-Inclusive Tubing Park
With parking adjacent to the Tubing Park, you'll find the Snow Tubing Ticket Window easily accessible, next to the Vertical Descent Tubing Park Lodge, complete with snack bar, restrooms, and seating area with panoramic views of snow tubers sliding-by. Round-out your experience by enjoying your hot chocolate sitting fireside in our spacious outdoor patio area.

Longer Ride-Time = More Fun!
Longest Tubing Lanes in Ohio
1,100' in Total Length

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Private Park Rentals
The Tubing Park can be exclusively yours to host a family reunion, birthday party, corporate outing, team building, or something else you might dream-up.

Private Tubing Park Rental Details

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