Thank You For Joining Us For A Fun Season!

March 10, 2024
We are incredibly thankful to of had you join us this Season! The many positive comments, reviews, and feedback we have received throughout this Winter, about our efforts with Snowmaking - despite the challenging weather - friendly Staff, and overall Resort experiences has been so appreciated! It is truly a pleasure to provide a fun atmosphere to see you enjoy time with friends and family, tell stories after your visit, and share the moments you capture by tagging us and including #SnowTrailsOH! Thank you! To learn more about Lockers Renewals or Clean-Out, Season Passes, and Summer Event Rentals...
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Tubing Park Season Has Come To A Close For 2023-’24

March 06, 2024
The weather has decreased guest interest and further depleted our snow base in our Vertical Descent Tubing Park, so the 2023-’24 Snow Tubing Season has now come to a close. We loved seeing so many of you enjoying yourself this Season. The many memories, smiles, laughs, and even
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Slopestyle 2024 In Review

March 02, 2024
This is one of our favorite events with some serious talent, style, and tricks being thrown every time! Fans lined the course and watched an incredible comp. Thanks to all who participated and The Woods Park Crew for building another great course this Season. Cash Prizes were won for Expert divisions and gear from our partnership with Snow Trails Ski Shop for Novice. See Results and watch Recap in 4k
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Big Air 2024 In Review

February 13, 2024
Big Air 2024 was another impressive showcase of talent from skiers and snowboarders around the Ohio Region. Three runs for each competitor put on quite a display for the crowd and kept the athletes pushing for their best trick. Thanks to all who participated and The Woods Park Crew for building a worthy jump. Cash Prizes were won for Expert divisions and gear from our partnership with Snow Trails Ski Shop for Novice.
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Vertical Descent Tubing Park Opens This Thursday, January 18th

January 15, 2024
Our Team is incredibly happy to announce Vertical Descent Tubing Park will open for the 18th Season beginning this Thursday, January 18th, 2024 5PM- 9PM. The Tubing Park will be open Thursday- Sunday each week, with unique hours each day. Glow Tubing will be offered each night the Tubing Park is open and is
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Reopening For Skiing and Snowboarding This Friday, January 5th

January 03, 2024
We will be Reopening the Slopes for Skiing and Snowboarding this Friday, January 5th from Noon to 9PM, continuing-on with Normal Hours throughout the weekend and the following week. Our Snowmakers and Snow Groomers have been taking advantage of every opportunity to blanket the Resort in the best possible snow conditions, despite limited windows of Snowmaking hours. Please know we may need to maximize Snowmaking Campaigns as we go along. To be best prepared, don't forget your goggles and face coverings. If you need gear Snow Trails Ski Shop has you covered with a variety of sizes and brands to fit your style, while keeping you comfortable and having fun out here!
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Suspending Operations, Reopening To Be Determined

December 26, 2023
Well, we made a run at it and typically we are able to build a deeper base of snow to last through the warm-ups, however limited hours of snowmaking so far this Season along with some marginal temps when they did show-up, proved this December to be a bit different. We have not had many Season starts like this. The foreseeable future does not show substantial opportunity for snowmaking, sadly! Beginning Wednesday, December 27th we will Suspend Operations until we can get back to snowmaking and building the base of snow back up. We will look to update you then, with
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December 20, 2023
We have all been anxiously awaiting the moment to open for our 63rd Season! Our Snowmakers and Snow Groomers have been putting in the hours to get the Slopes ready for you to be back on-snow having fun Skiing and Snowboarding, beginning tomorrow Thursday, December 21st 4PM - 9PM. We are looking forward to welcoming you back out here with us! For all the details, including a list of hours throughout Opening Weekend...
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Winter Employment - Apply Now

October 09, 2023
We are happy to offer Winter Employment Opportunities for Snow Trails 2023-'24 Season! Looking for a Winter Job? Please submit your Employment Application - Online Only - in your preferred Departments. Your Application will be delivered to Hiring Managers in each of
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September 20, 2023
As we look forward to another fantastic Winter Season with you, we wanted to catch you up on the many Projects and Improvements our Crew has been working-on this Off-Season. Our Team is excited to announce the creation of two New Trails, Chairlift Upgrade, Snowmaking and Lighting Improvements, and more!
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Thank You For Joining Us, Another Fun Season!

March 19, 2023
We are incredibly thankful for this 90 Day Season!!! The many comments, reviews, and feedback we have received throughout this Winter, about our Snowmaking, Staff, and overall Resort has been so appreciated! It is truly a pleasure to provide, for the joy we see on each of your faces, the feelings of accomplishments we see when you overcome a challenge, the warm inviting nature of conversation in our Lodges, and the outlet it all provides when you can get your laps in on the Trails! Skiing and Snowboarding is a progression, a journey, and a lifestyle sport we see so many of you enjoying together with friends and family. The Activity… Laughter… Fun… Stories… the Memories we will all be reliving throughout the Off-Season will carry us through until next Winter! Please continue reading to learn more about Off-Season Plans with Lockers, Season Passes, Improvements, and More...
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Blip Friday, Still To Offer You Bonus Time On The Trails Saturday and Sunday

March 16, 2023
Suspending Operations Friday, March 17th only, Reopening at 9AM Saturday, March 18th through Closing For The Season Sunday, March 19th at 6PM. The forecast for wet weather tonight will not help our grooming efforts and Friday's weather isn't looking to be good enough, so we will stay off the snow for the day. Snowmaking and Grooming Monday and Tuesday nights made for a great week out here! The snow this added to the base and good weather forecasted for the weekend will...
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