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Vertical Descent Tubing Park at Snow Trails

Complete with up to 7 Tubing Lanes, Conveyor Carpet Lift, and Tubing Lodge with outdoor Fire Pit, Snack Bar, Restrooms, and panoramic view of Tubing Park.
Enjoy the winter months with an alternative to skiing and snowboarding, not to mention sled-riding! Remember the dreaded up-hill trek required to go sled-riding? Not here! We've got the perfect answer- a conveyor carpet ride back to the top! Enjoy fun with family and friends at Vertical Descent because a family atmosphere is exactly what we strive to create here at Snow Trails.

Tubing Ticket Hours & Rates


If you are unfamiliar with snow tubing, it is the fastest growing winter sport in the country. To describe the Tubing Park a bit, snow tubing lanes consist of a groomed center surface with snow banks on each side, running from top to bottom. Choose from a variety of lanes with unique rollers and surface conditions from moderate to fast. You'll slide your way down these lanes of snow and then back to the conveyor lift for another ride to the top.

Vertical Descent Tubing Park lanes stretch 1,100 feet from top to bottom at Snow Trails. Your tubing adventure begins with a 100 foot vertical drop down the first 500 feet of your lane, ending with a mellow 600 feet of run-out to slow you down at the bottom.


 There are NO Age or Height restrictions

Adult supervision is required.

The minimum age for tubing participation is at the discretion of the parent or guardian.

All riders regardless of age or height, must ride on their own tube. Kid tubes are smaller and the best combination for linking with adult tubes to take your little one.

It is not uncommon for even two to three year old kids to enjoy a day in the park!

Each snow tubing ticket includes the use of a snow tube, tube lanes, and snow tube lift.

A Waiver Form is required for all individuals snow tubing at Snow Trails. This waiver must be signed by a parent/guardian for children under 18 years old. 

Tubing tickets are non-transferable. Tube availability may be limited, prices subject to change.


Tubing Ticket Hours & Rates

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Snow Report Updated: 2/23/18  3:50PM

Slope Hours Today: Reopening SATURDAY 9AM
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Tubing Hours Today:  Reopening SUNDAY 9AM
>>Tubing Ticket Hours & Rates Calendar

Snow Trails Ski Shop Hours:
Friday 11AM- 5PM
Regular Weekend Hours 9AM- 8PM
Carnival Sale

Our Snow Groomers will be out today, pushing and spreading to get ready for our 57th Annual Ski Carnival to take place this Saturday and Sunday - no matter what! We will reopen the Slopes only with normal hours beginning at 9AM Saturday. As a result, the new Tubing Bobsled event will unfortunately have to be cancelled. We will host all other Carnival events both days as planned, unless weather delays are necessary. On Sunday at 9AM we will open both the Slopes and Tubing Park and be happy to host you for our second day of Carnival.

Although you might see percentages of precipitation at nearly 100%, most turn-out to be intermittent r@#% during only a portion of the day, as a front moves through, so don’t let it ruin your Carnival fun! We know many of you have already made plans and reservations and you will not want to miss it!!

We will be getting back to Normal Hours on the Slopes and in the Tubing Park this coming week. We are happy to see the forecast showing cooler temps at night and plan to carry-on. This unseasonably warm weather is unfortunate, however we hope winter is not over yet! We will look for sustained snowmaking temps in the forecast to hopefully get back to snowmaking and add to our base of snow for an even better finish to the season.

Our plan is to keep the fun going as far into March as possible. Our typical season runs December thru mid-March. We will look forward to you joining us! If a days weather is in question for you, before heading-out, please check-back here to our daily updated Snow Report for the latest.

Surface Conditions: Wet snow
Notes: Snow base is holding-up against these warm temps and precipitation. Our crew will be out in our fleet of Pisten Bully Snow Cat Groomers pushing and spreading the snow for reopening.