Thank You For Joining Us For A Fun Season!

Thank You For Joining Us For A Fun Season!
March 10, 2024

We are incredibly thankful to of had you join us this Season! It is truly a pleasure see you enjoy Skiing, Snowboarding, and Snow Tubing out here with us! We love providing a fun atmosphere for you to spend time with friends and family, tell stories about the good times, and share the moments you capture by tagging us and including #SnowTrailsOH! The many positive comments, reviews, and feedback we have received throughout this Winter, about our efforts with Snowmaking - despite the challenging weather - friendly Staff, and overall Resort experiences has been so appreciated. Thank you! We look forward to having you back out next Season!

Season Passes
We love knowing how many of you appreciate the value of being in our family of Season Passholders. Knowing you will want to grab your Season Pass again before they sell-out, and the importance of not missing the opportunity, we will begin making Gold Passes available in June again, with Standard and Club Passes to follow. Please look to hear from us then, as we draw close to the release of Season Passes for another great Winter of fun ahead!

Locker Renewal Deadline of Sunday, March 31st
We have reached-out in a couple ways and have not yet heard back from everyone with a 2023-’24 Locker. Your Renewal must be completed by Sunday, March 31st to keep your current Locker and have the convenience of storing your gear in it throughout the Off-Season:
» Locker Renewal

If you will not be renewing your Locker, please let us know by March 31st. If you would like to be added to our Wait List to be ready for when a Locker becomes available, please reach-out to us:
» Contact Us

Locker Clean-Out
Locker Rooms will be Open Daily 10AM-3PM Monday-Saturday through April 1st. If your needs are outside of these hours, we may be able to accommodate you:
» Contact Us

Our Team is always looking forward to enhancing your experience with improvements across the Resort. We will take a deep breath here, and get right to general maintenance on our Lifts and Snow Guns, up-keep of our facilities, and see to setting the next phase of Improvements in motion. It is always top priority to be sure the Resort stays tip-top for you! We will be ready to deliver on our promise of more great Skiing, Snowboarding, and Snow Tubing for you! We are excited to announce these details to you as soon as we get to work bringing each plan to reality!

Summer Event Rentals
If you’re looking to host your Special Event at a unique venue, we have our Tubing Lodge, Valley Lodge, and Ski Lodge to accommodate your gathering. For your smaller Showers, all the way to Wedding Receptions, and anything in-between, we have a great solution for accommodating 30-300 guests. Please find additional details here:
» Summer Event Rentals

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