Snowmaking Continues...

December 05, 2009
With the forecasted cold snap coming to fruition, so too have the piles and piles of snow on our slopes. Snowmaking will continue as temperatures allow, and they're
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Snowmaking In Progress

December 04, 2009
The snowmaking machines were full power last night and into this morning! The guns are still in action at this very moment and will continue to produce the snow we have
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Full-Power Snowmaking, Begins Thursday Night!

November 30, 2009
One of the most exciting times of the season is upon us!!!! We're powering the snow guns to "ON" this Thursday night to produce the SNOW needed for our season
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New Snow Cat Arrives!

November 16, 2009 comments
Our brand new Pisten Bully 100 Snow Cat just arrived! It will play a large roll in building and grooming on and off ramps for the lifts, each of the tubing lanes in the
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Ski Shop Open

November 03, 2009 comments
Get your gear ready with an equipment Full Tune! This service includes base refinish, hot wax, edge sharpening service, and binding release check! Plus, for hot new
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Putting Glades On The Map!

November 03, 2009
As the season grows near we're becoming even more excited to ski the NEW GLADE AREAS right along with you! Three new areas saw lots of heavy machinery work back in mid
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Swap & Zozo Fest A Success!

November 02, 2009 comments
Thank you to all who brought-out equipment and apparel to sell in this year's Swap! The Ski Patrol greatly appreciates your participation and will be able to better serve
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Facebook- Become a fan

November 01, 2009
Snow Trails on facebook: Become a Fan
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2nd Annual Swap & Zozo Fest

October 08, 2009 comments
Check-out the Upcoming Events with a detailed listing for each day of the 2nd Annual Swap & Zozo Fest! The weekend will be full of entertainment, great deals, and lots
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Glade Project Complete!

July 30, 2009 comments
Three brand new Glade Areas are ready for the coming season! These areas are separate from the existing trails and will provide endless hours of enjoyment for
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Old Snow Cat Departs

May 27, 2009 comments
Nine great years of loyal service were provided by the smaller brother of the snow cat family of groomers here at Snow Trails, but it is time to bid him ado and bring in the
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Red Bull- In the Works!

May 26, 2009 comments
Snow Trails is in the midst of taking energy to another level. With considerations on the table to bring one of the industry leading energy drink giants into the mix for
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