Suspending Operations, Reopening To Be Determined

Suspending Operations, Reopening To Be Determined
December 26, 2023

Suspending Operations As Of Wednesday, December 27th

Well, we made a run at it and typically we are able to build a deeper base of snow to last through the warm-ups, however limited hours of snowmaking so far this Season along with some marginal temps when they did show-up, proved this December to be a bit different. We have not had many Season starts like this. The foreseeable future does not show substantial opportunity for snowmaking, sadly! Beginning Wednesday, December 27th we will Suspend Operations until we can get back to snowmaking and building the base of snow back up. We will look to update you then, with plans for Reopening and releasing available dates for Booking Lift Tickets and making Reservations for Tubing Tickets (if we are able to get the Tubing Park open at the same time). Please stay tuned for updates when cold temps return. If you already had a Booking with us for any date during Suspended Operations, please let us know how we can adjust this for you:
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New Year's Eve Party Is Still On!
Sunday, December 31st in The Snowflake Loft at Snow Trails
Get Advanced Tickets Here:
NYE Party

Guest Services Hours
When Resort Temporarily Suspends Operations:
Monday- Saturday 9AM- 4PM

Ski Shop Hours
When Resort Temporarily Suspends Operations:
Tuesday- Sunday   11AM- 5PM

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