Late Season Fun On The Slopes!

March 05, 2012

We are approaching the final weekend of the season, and though it hurts us as much to mention as it does for you to read, we resolve to have the most fun hitting the slopes with you through the very end, this Sunday, March 11th at 5PM. Recap from today..."the snow is actually quite good!" was the common phrase heard throughout the resort, all things considered, which means it is time for you to get your final laps in before the lifts, slopes, and parks go silent, until the Snow Trails 2012-'13 Winter Season. Looking at the forecast, it is shaping up to offer great Spring Skiing for the better part of the week!

Bonus: Our snow conditions are holding strong, even late season, so we hope to offer deep discounts for a special St. Patty's Day Bash at Snow Trails Sunday, March 17th. Please check-back or stay tuned to our Social Media networks for details to come:

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