Each winter Snow Trails builds four terrain parks from scratch for skiers and riders to shred!
You'll find some of the best soft and hard features in the Midwest.

Terrain Based Learning Park

Located next to Equipment Rental Center. Mini Pipe, rollers, and ramps to learn the basic foundations of sliding on snow. No Age or Height restrictions.

Terrainasaurus Park

Located on the Alpine trail. Beginner Level Park open to all. No Age or Height restrictions.

Alpine Terrain Park

Located at top of Alpine trail. Beginner to Intermediate Level Terrain Park.

Rustler Jump Line

Located on the West side of the Rustler Trail. A succession of three jumps typically building in size from 30'-40'. Advanced Level Terrain Park.

The Woods Terrain Park @st_thewoods

Located on West Woods Trail. Advanced Level Terrain Park.


This site helps freestyle skiers and riders know what to expect and offers good information and videos for terrain park use.

Park Smart - TerrainParkSafety.org

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