Latest Resort Improvements and Updates for 2017-'18

Latest Resort Improvements and Updates for 2017-'18
November 21, 2017

It has been another busy off-season with improvements across many parts of our resort. The most exciting of the many are two expanded trails, being our Mt. Mansfield and Rustler trails.

Mt. Mansfield to be expanded at Snow Trails

Mt. Mansfield expansion project at Snow Trails

Tree removal along Mt. Mansfield trail at Snow Trails

Mt. Mansfield Ski Slope Expansion finished at Snow Trails

Our Crew worked to clear trees encroaching on the Mt. Mansfield Double Chairlift, which allowed the snowmaking guns on the bottom half of skiers left to be moved back off the ski slope by about 15 feet, allowing a more spacious and smooth merge from the Pine Cone cross-over trail, as well as a broadened lower half of Mt. Mansfield slope. You will really appreciate it if you love the slope that presents itself in this area, to hold those carves longer and take them wider.

Rustler Trail to be expanded at Snow Trails

Rustler Trail expanded at Snow Trails

Rustler Trail Expansion finished at Snow Trails

Rustler Trail Expansion finished at Snow Trails

 The Rustler trail was expanded a few seasons back, and yet again we saw an opportunity to better utilize this trail. So, back into the woods we went… about 20 feet to be nearly exact… to expand the trail to allow for what we hope to be a new Jump Line for The Woods Terrain Park Crew to go to work on. With the line of trees out of the way, yet still allowing for Glade skiing between Rustler and West Woods trails, we were able to push the snowmaking back to allow for what should be a great line. You know, the straight line that all of the best jump lines have to keep your rhythm, momentum, and progression going in the right direction. More to come on this one, as we get in there and make a ton of snow when the temps are right!

 You might notice a few other improvements like a new Mt. Mansfield Triple Chairlift Hut and new smooth transition unloading ramp, or a comfy ride as you ascend on new seat cushions there and on the Beginners Double Chairlift.

The Snowflake Loft Bar Demolition at Snow Trails

The Snowflake Loft Bar Reconstruction at Snow Trails

 Indoors you will find, as you belly-up to The Snowflake Loft Bar, the beauty and craftsmanship of a bar top sourced from right here on the property. It signifies the end of an era and the beginning of a new one, with a custom build by our crew.

Snow Trails 2017-'18 Photo Gallery

Among these improvements and perhaps others not so apparent, our hope is that as you venture around Snow Trails no matter where you turn you find every attention to detail has been passionately delivered on and our mission to provide you with the best Ohio skiing and snowboarding experience is solidified.
Cheers to you and the fun ahead!

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