53rd Annual Winter Carnival at Snow Trails

53rd Annual Winter Carnival at Snow Trails
February 15, 2014

The Carnival offers everything from spectating to racing, brats and beer.

Snow Trails, Ohio’s popular ski, snowboard, and snowtubing resort, will host the 53rd Annual Winter Carnival February 22nd and 23rd.  The weekend festivities have been celebrated since the very first season in 1961-‘62 at Snow Trails.

Normal Hours & Rates for skiing and snowboarding, as well as Standard Hours & Rates in Vertical Descent Tubing Park all weekend. Although the events and features are designed to add excitement and fun to the weekend, all are welcome to come and enjoy the resort whether you participate in events or not. The Annual Winter Carnival at Snow Trails has become a yearly reunion for many over the years.

There is something for everyone, from the famous Bikini and Chippendale Slalom races, to the Kid’s Challenge and two new events to take place in the Tubing Park, the Yard Sale Pick-Up and the Cardboard Creation Race.  The slopes and parks will attract many, and the Carnival even more, as Snow Trails gears up for an expected 5,000 visitors. The area will be open from 9:00am- 9:30pm for regular skiing and snowboarding as well as tubing throughout the weekend.  Due to the two to four foot base of snow, some of the season’s best conditions are expected.

The first day will begin with the slopes opening at 9:00am on Saturday.  The Ski Patrol Bratwurst Burn will begin serving their delicious brats and beer at 11:00am.  The first event of the day, the Sobe Kid’s Challenge, will take place close to the Terrainasaurus Park, for the youngster’s at noon.

In an early afternoon time slot for this year’s Carnival, the Skier/Boarder Cross will draw a crowd to view participants on the Mt. Mansfield slope at 12:30pm. A race of this nature is a hybrid of down-hill skiing and snowboarding through a motocross type course of snow.  Contestants race five or six at a time down the potentially disastrous course.  This event is similar to that of the current Olympic Games.

The Yard Sale Pick-Up, at 2:00pm will showcase participants 15 years old and under competing to pick-up all items, placed in a Tubing Park lane, while tubing down.

The ever-so-popular Chippendale & Bikini races will take place beginning at 3:00pm on Saturday. Awards for the day’s activities will be held at 4:30pm in the Snowflake Loft with the Presentation of Ohio Ski Queen & Event Awards, located in the main lodge. Saturday night’s entertainment begins at 9:00pm in The Snowflake Loft with the band “Shucking Bubbas”.

The second day will begin with the slopes opening at 9:00am on Sunday.  The Snow Trails Ski Patrol will fire up the outdoor grill once again at 11:00am, as the Carnival Giant Slalom race gets underway.  The Guest Costume Contest judging is scheduled for noon. Also scheduled for noon is the Ranger Couples Challenge Race, open to those 21 and up with male & female teams. That takes place at Mt Mansfield.

Beginning at 1:30pm is the Cardboard Creation Race. Prior to the race competitors will construct from cardboard, paper, and tape only, an object to be judged for Ultimate Design and to be piloted the furthest distance down one of the Vertical Descent Tubing Park lanes, while still intact and the pilot avoiding contact of the snow.

Set as the grand finale of the Carnival is the Mountain Dew Slush Cup where daring individuals on snowboards and skis try their best at skimming across an icy pool of green colored slush and water.  Most do not make it across the lengthy pool, proving to be a treat more for the spectators than the participants.

We'll finish the day at 5pm with the Event Awards in the Snowflake Loft.

Competitions and Spectator Events

Sat February 22nd

11am: Ski Patrol Bratwurst Burn – All Day

11am: Sobe Kids Challenge, ages 3-9, Possum Slope.

12:30pm: Skier/Boarder Cross - open to all, Mt Mansfield Slope.

2pm: Yard Sale Pick-Up, 15 & under, Tubing Park

3pm: Chippendale & Bikini Race - 18 and over, Mt Mansfield Slope.

4:30pm: Presentation of Ohio Ski Queen & Event Awards – The Snowflake Loft

9pm: Band, Shucking Bubba - 21 and over; The Snowflake Loft

Sunday, February 23rd

11am: Ski Patrol Bratwurst Burn – All Day

11am: Carnival Giant Slalom Race, Competition Slope.

12pm: Guest Carnival Costume Contest, Judging on Ski Lodge Deck.

12pm: Ranger Couples Challenge Race, 21 and up, male & female team, Mt Mansfield.

1:30pm: Cardboard Creation Race, Tubing Park.

3pm: Mt Dew Slush Cup, Base of Competition Slope.

5pm: Event Awards – The Snowflake Loft


Saturday, February 22nd, 9pm:

Band Shucking Bubba, 21 and over; The Snowflake Loft

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