Demo Skis Today, Then Save!

February 11, 2012

The Snow Trails Ski Shop SALE on all hard goods, now SAVE 25% on all skis, bindings, poles, and/or snowboards, bindings, and boots that you have been eying, just haven't pulled the trigger on. New shape, rocker, and material technologies are making skiing and snowboarding easier and way more fun!! As part of our "Try Before You Buy" program, come-out for our Snow Trails Ski Shop Demo Day from 11AM- 4PM today, and take your favorites for a test ride!

Once you are set with your gear, capture the fun with a GoPro camera, now SAVE 15% on all GoPro's! Nothing better than a perspective shot captured from a helmet cam, or a follow cam to see yourself in action and share with your social networks, like

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