As Temperatures Dip, Snowmaking Top of Mind

November 20, 2013

We are seeing signs of winter and are monitoring the forecast closely, here at Snow Trails. As temperatures begin to dip into the night and early morning hours, we know your excitement levels are peaking to finally get out and ski, snowboard, and snow tube! Looking to make this happen for you as soon as we can build a good base of snow for Opening Day!!

Snowmaking plans are based on forecasted temperatures in the upper twenties and evaluated on how long they will hold there or below each night. This allows our 3rd shift Snow Trails Snowmaking Crew to be ready to power-on our massive snowmaking system.

It is all about ambient temperature and relative humidity and how they will change within a given ten day forecast. We look for a Wet Bulb temperature, which is a calculation of ambient temperature around 29 degrees Fahrenheit or below and relative humidity of 60% or below, to produce the quality snow many have come to expect from Snow Trails.

Snow Trails has an advantage in Ohio’s frequent marginal temperatures, thanks to our Snowmaking System Cooling Tower. It first lowers the temperature of water supplied from our holding pond and water wells, by an average of 13 degrees Fahrenheit, before the over four-thousand gallons of water per minute is pumped out to our snow guns. This plays a major role in reducing “cure time," meaning how fast the water molecules can freeze into snowflakes, after being shot into the air from our snow guns. This allows for higher "quality" and "quantity" of snow to be made during each snowmaking campaign.

We look to take advantage of the cold temperatures soon to come! Please keep checking back for the latest on our first snowmaking campaign of the 2013-2014 Winter Season. We will keep you posted here and on our Social Networks, so click the links at the base of this page to join-in the conversation.

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