Hero Challenge 2015 Fit-Pit Team Results


This is why every rep counts! For the first time ever the top 4 places were either tied or within a point or two of each other!  But we have to have a winner so we turn to the 5K course times to solve that need.

The overall Fit-Pit/5K winners are Team Lions with an 5K course time of 138 minutes and an average of 34.5 minutes. Congratulations goes to:

  • Joel Fox: 0:29 (5K Best Time)
  • Trevor Frye 0:35
  • Guy Mack 0:35
  • Matt Kuhn 0:39

 2nd Place belonged to Team 924 with an overall 5K time of 162 minutes and an average of 40.5 minutes. 

  • Henry Mast 0:41
  • Wendeall Yoder 0:43
  • Johnny Kratzer 0:39
  • Justin Hershberger 0:39


Team Total Rep Score Note
Lions 707 Overall Winners of Fit-Pit + 5K
924 707  
Hustle & Muscle 706  
Sara 705  
TC Unicorns 687  
Get Some 622  
BBG 581  
Katona "2" 567  
Butterflies 513  
Plastic 493  
Hungover 491  
Broshko 478  
Team "B" 471  
JP 422  


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